November Event Report

This was our next-to-next-to-last event and saw the participation of 21 people, including one first-timer. We played games such as Tiny Epic Kingdoms, Shadow Hunters, Power Grid, 7 Wonders and more.

Nate was our door prize winner this month and ended up with a copy of Tom Jolly's Cargo. There's only two more chances to win, so make sure you're at next month's event and enter the drawing.

Next month's event is scheduled for December 13th, 3-9pm. After that, there's only January left and then it'll be too late. See you next month!

November GAMES!

If you miss this month's event, you'll only have two more chances to attend GAMES! before it is gone forever. That's right, January 10th will be our grand finale. This month, however, we'll still have the standard amount of fun, friends, and food. It's happening this Saturday, November 11th, from 3-9pm. Be there.

October GAMES! Report

We had 16 people attend this month, including one family who hadn't been there before. We played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Shadows Over Camelot, Sequence: States & Capitals, Puerto Rico, Ticket To Ride: Team Asia, and Checkers.

Joseph won the door prize drawing and grabbed a copy of Pirate Dice.

We'll be doing GAMES! again next month, November 9th, from 3-9pm. In related news, January 10th will be our last GAMES! event. As a celebration of seven years of GAMES! and a thank you for your participation, we'll be making that last event into a party: free pizza, several door prize giveaways, and maybe even a special Car Wars game for anyone interested. More details will be coming later.

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