November GAMES!

If you miss this month's event, you'll only have two more chances to attend GAMES! before it is gone forever. That's right, January 10th will be our grand finale. This month, however, we'll still have the standard amount of fun, friends, and food. It's happening this Saturday, November 11th, from 3-9pm. Be there.

<b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brian, Brian, Heather, Andrea<br /> Ark Of The Covenant <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Joseph, Renee, Nate, Megan<br /> Airlines <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Nancy, Stephen<br /> The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brinna, Renee, Audra, Brian, Rob, Julie<br /> Uno Splash <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Hank, Zachariah, Philip<br /> Connect Four (handicapped, with eyes closed)