October GAMES! Report

We had 16 people attend this month, including one family who hadn't been there before. We played One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Shadows Over Camelot, Sequence: States & Capitals, Puerto Rico, Ticket To Ride: Team Asia, and Checkers.

Joseph won the door prize drawing and grabbed a copy of Pirate Dice.

We'll be doing GAMES! again next month, November 9th, from 3-9pm. In related news, January 10th will be our last GAMES! event. As a celebration of seven years of GAMES! and a thank you for your participation, we'll be making that last event into a party: free pizza, several door prize giveaways, and maybe even a special Car Wars game for anyone interested. More details will be coming later.

<b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brian, Brian, Heather, Andrea<br /> Ark Of The Covenant <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Joseph, Renee, Nate, Megan<br /> Airlines <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Nancy, Stephen<br /> The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brinna, Renee, Audra, Brian, Rob, Julie<br /> Uno Splash <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Hank, Zachariah, Philip<br /> Connect Four (handicapped, with eyes closed)