June GAMES! Report

Although we were competing with the Hiawatha Hog Wild Days for turnout, there were 17 people at GAMES! this month, including two first-timers. We played 7 Wonders, Robo Rally, New World, Uno, Ninja Burger, Pitch Car, The Noah's Ark Game, and Incan Gold, among others.

Brynlie's name got pulled in the drawing and she grabbed a copy of the card game Blink. We try to make a variety of games available so there's something good to choose no matter who wins. Maybe next time it will be you.

Speaking of next time, due to schedule conflicts we have decided to cancel the July event. I crossed it off the list on our website and removed it from various online calendars elsewhere. Our next GAMES! will be Saturday, August 9th, from 3-9pm. See you then!

June GAMES! Event

It's a week later than it normally would be (the third Saturday instead of the second) but this month's event should be normal in every other respect. We'll have the normal food, the normal fun, and the normal friends (or potential friends). Bring your normal self and join us for GAMES! this Saturday, from 3-9pm.

May GAMES! Is Over

We had 13 participants at this month's event, mostly regulars but we still had a great time. Games played included Love Letter, Robo Rally, Formula D, King Of Tokyo, Cargo Noir, and several others.

Megan won our door prize drawing and took home the copy of Can't Stop that I wanted. It just goes to show that you can't win if you don't enter (and it's also true that you can't enter if you don't attend).

If you missed this month, you may want to try to make it to next month's event. It will be the third Saturday in June (instead of the usual), which drops it on June 21st, from 3-9pm. See you then.

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