April GAMES! Report

There were 19 people at GAMES! this month, though we were missing our usual kitchen hostess. I saw several newer games get played, including Coup, Marrying Mr. Darcy, String Railway, plus some classics like Axis & Allies, Checkers, Notre Dame, Formula D, Hey That's My Fish, and Saboteur.

Andy won our drawing and grabbed the imported original Ubongo (in German, with translated instructions courtesy of BGG).

There's only four weeks until the next GAMES! so start planning ahead now for May 10th, from 3-9pm.

April GAMES! Is This Saturday

Now that March is over (in like a penguin, out like a penguin), it's time for a new month and a new GAMES! event. It's happening this Saturday, from 3-9pm. We'll have the usual open format and, as always, a wide variety of games to try out, plus you can bring your own too. There will also be a brand new family/party game available to replace the game won last month. Make plans now for this Saturday, or put next month's event on your calendar. See you then!

March Event Report

We had 37 people at GAMES! this month, the most since January 2012, including several first-timers. With lots of people in attendance, there we lots of games played, including Fleet, Dominion, Farkle, Bohnanza, Airlines, Apples To Apples, Ninja Burger, Forbidden Island, Robo Rally (twice), and others.

Brian, one of our first-timers, won the door prize drawing and took home a copy of Dictionary Dabble.

We'll do it all again on April 12th, from 3-9pm. Mark it on your calendar now and plan to join us.

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<b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Tony, Andy, Keith, Rick, Renee, Joseph, Megan, Nate<br /> Saboteur <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Keith, Mike, Andy, Megan<br /> String Railway <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Rick, Megan, Brian, Nate<br /> Notre Dame <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Troy, Jacob<br /> Axis & Allies <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Devlin, Tony