It's October GAMES!

It may be the month with a spooky holiday, but GAMES! will only be the standard level of spooky this month. Even so, it'll be the usual amount of fun too. Plan to join us this Saturday, from 3-9pm. If you miss this event, you'll have to wait until the month with a turkey-stuffed holiday for another one. Be there or else! Feel free to dress up in a costume if you'd like, it'll make more interesting photos at least. See you Saturday.

<b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brian, Brian, Heather, Andrea<br /> Ark Of The Covenant <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Joseph, Renee, Nate, Megan<br /> Airlines <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Nancy, Stephen<br /> The Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Brinna, Renee, Audra, Brian, Rob, Julie<br /> Uno Splash <b>GAMES! @ BRBC</b><br /> Hank, Zachariah, Philip<br /> Connect Four (handicapped, with eyes closed)