August GAMES! Report

After a one month hiatus, we resumed our monthly events and had 24 people show up on Saturday, including one first-timer. We played stuff like: Ticket To Ride, Killer Bunnies, Uno, and Puerto Rico, among others.

Ben won the door prize drawing and went home with a Japanese copy of Uno H20 (but neglected to take the English copy of the rules I had printed out from the Internet). In case you're wondering, no, I didn't know in advance that the rules were going to be only in Japanese.

We'll be at it again next month, so put September 13th, from 3-9pm on your calendar and be there. Bring a friend so we can have another first-timer too. See ya then!

August GAMES! Is On

It's been two months since our last GAMES! event (July's was canceled due to a schedule conflict), so it's definitely time for another one. We'll be playing games and eating pizza (at the usual and very reasonable price of $1.50/slice) this Saturday from 3-9pm. Come play with us.

June GAMES! Report

Although we were competing with the Hiawatha Hog Wild Days for turnout, there were 17 people at GAMES! this month, including two first-timers. We played 7 Wonders, Robo Rally, New World, Uno, Ninja Burger, Pitch Car, The Noah's Ark Game, and Incan Gold, among others.

Brynlie's name got pulled in the drawing and she grabbed a copy of the card game Blink. We try to make a variety of games available so there's something good to choose no matter who wins. Maybe next time it will be you.

Speaking of next time, due to schedule conflicts we have decided to cancel the July event. I crossed it off the list on our website and removed it from various online calendars elsewhere. Our next GAMES! will be Saturday, August 9th, from 3-9pm. See you then!

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